NEW Survey: Listening To Music At Work IS Good For You!

This online survey released on Monday from Accountemps took responses from more than 1,000 U.S. office workers from across the country that were at least 18 years old (and up). When the stats came out, here were a couple of new trends for all companies to notice. (Streaming radio stations, and custom souces - like iHeartRadio - are as strong as ever)

For the 10% of companies that do NOT allow employees to listen to music while they work, they might want to re-think that position. Three out of 4 workers feel more productive at work when they listen to music.  Another glaring factor for the "no music allowed" firms: the companies to DO allow it (probably some competitors also), has grown to 82 percent. (About 38% of those do require earbuds or headphones.) 

The most popular genres are pop (including variety hits) and country. Here at the station, we're pretty pumped about that news. 


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