DO's And DON'TS: Practicing Proper LSU Tailgating Etiquette

The really cool thing about tailgating in South Louisiana is you don’t really have to know ANYONE who is tailgating. You just geaux. It’s a totally free event for anyone who’s roaming around from tent to motor-home.

If you’re a tailgate rookie, or a seasoned jambalaya veteran on campus, just remember these simple rules and suggestions, and you’ll do just fine. (Adding some Lagniappe here) You might even be invited back to that very spot for the NEXT home game.

ALWAYS bring something to share. If you are personally invited in advance, friends may tell you to just show up, but in their brain they kinda expect SOMETHING. Chips, dips and salsa. Drinks and Ice. But please no stuffed eggs (what’s that SMELL?)

If you’re bringing drinks, avoid the off-brand stuff. Remember Dr. Bold is not Dr. Pepper.

Please don’t settle in someone else’s totally cool canvas chair without being offered. Bring your own totally cool canvas chair.

Show your colors. Walking around campus in boring colors that have nothing to do with team spirit are a no-no.

Avoid culinary arrogance. Don’t brag about how wonderfully awesome your jambalaya is if you didn’t bring any to prove your point.

NEVER ask for vegan choices.  You WILL be stared down.

Don’t fill your red Solo cup to the brim with a premium adult beverage or cocktail, then move on down the road to the next tailgate tent. WHAT? You're not even gonna stick around to talk and/or gossip? Not cool.

Guys over 40: Don’t over-flirt with the college ladies. They may smile on the outside, but inside, they’re probably laughing, and thinking, "MEN!"

Ford F-150’s are the only widely accepted choice. If you’re actually bringing a vehicle WITH a tailgate to the tailgate, choose your brand carefully.

Avoid pop up tents that use more than 35 steps to open. If you’re lucky, that tent may be up by half-time.

Don’t cooler sit, unless you're really into squat exercises. You will have to do those reps every 50 seconds. And don’t give the stink face when you have to stand again. You will get an equally annoying expression right back ‘atcha.

Keep a double-bag plastic grocery sack in your pocket. It's not just for trash you make. Heat plus spicy jambalaya and adult beverages? Well, you get the idea.

Guys, unless you were an all-district quarterback in high school, do not channel your inner Drew Brees. When you don't have the skill of accuracy in this sea of humanity, somebody is likely to get hit, and it won't be your receiver buddy.

Ladies (as a special request from one of our female co-workers), purple and gold cheetah spots or leopard print isn’t appropriate (and certainly not accurate). Cheetahs never win. Tiger STRIPES are the only proper way to have it going on and rock the pants.

Not everyone you meet is a "hugger". Guys, if you've already had several adult beverages, PLEASE remember that not all women like to have their space invaded by a guy they just met. Or EVEN if you’ve been acquainted, they may not want to with you.

Here in Baton Rouge, visiting fans are always welcome. If that’s you, you need to avoid being obnoxious with your own team spirit under the big top. Be cordial, and you’ll come to appreciate our famous South Louisiana hospitality. Remember, however, that will ALL change once you’re inside Tiger Stadium. Then, you’re scum. OK THEN...let's get some brisket!

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