Teens SPEAK: The Top 10 Things Parents Need to STOP. Now.

No matter how cool we parents KNOW we are, it's impossible for us NOT to embarrass the kids.  Which-when you think about it—is kind of fun to do.  It’s one of the parental perks. So, go ahead and do the Macarena at their next party.  Showing your moves on the dance floor (in PUBLIC of all places) is the first item on the list, but WAIT…there’s more!

1.  Dancing.  Even if we think we are pretty dang good showing moves to “Hey Ya,” that song is almost 15 years old. And that’s old.


2.  Public displays of affection. If we’re showing that with THEM, that will get us a possible push-off and a  “NO-uh!!” And if we show it with our spouse or significant other, that will get us a big “EWWW.”  Or “get a room.”

3.  Trying to use modern slang terms.  You know, the ones WE think everyone is still saying, while the kids have left those.  Even if we are able to use the "current" phrases and/or words used now, it’s still US saying them. 

4.  Wearing clothes that are NOT appropriate for our age. “Pink” on the shorts need to go away.  And Dad? Those skinny jeans need to be donated.  AND -- in the other direction (for the love of all things proper) -- we should NEVER go after the grandparent style.  EVER.


5.  Telling the same embarrassing stories over – and over—and over.  Major eye rolls.  A worse reaction will occur with boyfriends or girlfriends have to hear the story about what OUR teen did when they were a baby. Remember when OUR parents did it? Now it’s OUR turn to spread the joy!

6.  Cleaning up after them in public.  The restaurant table wipe-after-the-meal will make them want to crawl under the table. Oh, and don’t forget fixing their hair and/or clothing in public. STOP!


7.  Trying to connect with them on social media.  Spying is sort of expected, but trying to be a FB buddy on posts where WE tag THEM? Actions like that will get them over to the settings page to stop our future posts. Mom and dad behavior on the most popular social media platforms is why Snapchat blew up with popularity. It’s there and gone.

8.  Not being able to figure out modern technology, and trying to fake it like we know.  They will see right through the smoke and mirrors.  


9.  Clothes shopping. Our ideas don’t work. They are already annoyed about that, and us having possession of the credit card. And by the way—the main reason they don’t seem to pay attention to our wardrobe ideas? It’s not because they’re bored. It’s because they’re constantly looking around to make sure none of their friends see us with them at the store.  

10.  Corny Jokes. I live in this world. And all of my 4 kids know this all too well; even the three who have passed the teen years. The cheese never leaves. --Enjoy the journey, and keep your arms and legs inside the parent vehicle at all times. 

--Scotty Mac

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