WHY You Should NEVER Tell Friends To "Copy & Paste" on FB

You see it every single day you’re on Facebook. The posts that say “copy and paste.”  If you think that’s annoying, you’re not alone. Recent marketing research stats, show over HALF of all friends think that call to action message is a major put off.  So WHY is this STILL being done? If you have done this yourself, let’s break it down for you.

  • People are not being “real” by copy and pasting another’s ideas, especially if those close friends know they do not speak—or write—that way.

  • Conditional friendship is also negative. “I’ll bet less than 100 people will do this.” Whatever “this” is. Many of your friends will wonder WHY you are seeking this kind of affirmation, and question motives.

  • Even your closest friends may just read a few sentences on these typically long posts, and skip down. toward the end to look for “copy and paste” messages. When they see those words, many readers will write off that message, and move on to the next item on the feed.

  • You are getting on a soapbox when you are posting a “call to action.” Even if friends may agree on your post, remember they may not want to take this more “in-yo-face” approach to a cause, or a belief.

  • Your best friends may send you a private message calling you out on the practice. If they do, don’t be offended. They’re trying to help you see how those kinds of posts can be viewed in a less than positive way.

  • Most of the “copy and paste” messages offend at least some of your friends. The strong political views that use verbal abuse are never a good idea, particularly since some of your friend group had NO IDEA you were a person who this ANGRY. 

  • Selfish copy and paste messages that say you are not a “true friend” unless you repost is an invitation to lose some friends; even some you consider to be close friends.

  • It’s a text post, and usually a pretty long one. It can be political – but more than just an opinion. They may have instructions of how to call your local legislator, or maybe it’s just a blanket statement of judgement against anyone who disagrees.

  • If you get TOO abusive with your opinions, FB can place you on probation, and-in the process-perhaps even the "copy and pasters" that you convinced to join in with your rant. This may get you friends placed in FB time out as well. 

  • The “copy and paste, don’t share” can be spam or worse-hiding malware. These people also know that Facebook’s newsfeed has an algorithm that would filter out a shared versus NEW posts.  The theory here is that a NEW text status, rather than a share of an existing one, will be shown more prominently.

OK, those are just a few of my observations. Call me weird, but I would  rather see a new puppy pic, your kids celebrating a birthday, or some neat sunsets.

What do YOU think?

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