WATCH The 5 Most Annoying Gym Guys In Action!

You know these guys, right? We all do. Allow me to give a proper introduction. Although there's a good chance you've already been introduced...


THE NOOB (Newbie) They really don't know what they're doing in the gym. And it shows. They might try to hide their inexperience by being cool, but it really ain't working for them. Don't stare and you won't be tempted to chuckle. 

THE MEATHEAD (also know as Muscle Head) He's a close cousin to The Show Off (see below). More often than not, his neck is the size of New Jersey, while his legs need more more muscle building. I mean, why work out the legs when you got all THAT going on above the waist. 

THE COACH You're on one of your weight machines, and then--wait for it--you hear a voice say, "hold up-let me show you a better way to do that." You look up to see Trainer Tom there to save the day, and show you how it's done. He is trying to be nice and encouraging, but he's only interrupting your workout. 

THE FACE (featuring "The Double Chin," "Pucker Up," "Blowfish,"and "Seizure." These are men who look as if they need to eat more fiber, because that face could explode from all of the strain they're putting on their body. You don't know whether you should call the paramedics, or just look away.

THE SHOW-OFF Here's a guy who spends as much time strutting around the weight room as actually working out. He finishes his first set, then "rests" with an "all bowed up"walk around; looking for eye contact. He's OBVIOUSLY worthy of approving stares from you.  OK, now, on to the second set, with even more weight--if that's possible. 

Let's take a look at these video examples...

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