High School's HILARIOUS "Opt Out" Of Fundraising Goes Viral

An Alabama high school has decided to get creative in their student fundraising this year. Here's the concept: Parents can AVOID participation in typical fundraisers. You know that chocolate, cookie dough, popcorn, and products' sales can cost parents MORE  with less-than-accurate money management. All parents really need to do is make a cash donation DIRECTLY to the school. Here's the concept: you can give as much as you want, but the school is asking for a minimum donation of $15.  

As you know from your experiences here in BR, there are some schools with "mandatory participation" on student sales of products. This is usually associated with an agreement the school has made with a third party fund-raising company. Apparently, someone in the PTO got smart, and realized that the school could KEEP all of the donated money; avoiding paying a product percentage to the vendor. There was another benefit. Parents seem to love it...not to mention the letter was HYSTERICAL! 

One parent-Briana Leggett Woods-called this "breath of fresh air." Another FB user said "I would pay the $50 and feel like I got away cheap." Can we do something like this HERE in South Louisiana?

CREDIT: Fox News

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