It's FUR-ternity Leave For New Kitten & Puppy Parents.

It really is hard to leave that little face, isn't it? 

A Minneapolis marketing company understands the importance of fur babies and becoming a full on pet parent. The company - Nina Hale - made some changes to their company benefits by offering "fur-ternity leave."  Basically you're able to work from home for a week to welcome new dogs or cats into your life.(The first week with those 4-legged babies is a very important bonding time, particularly for adopted pets.)

Vice President of Nina Hale, Allison McMenimen helped create the new policy and said that the "idea of offering benefits that just help keep employees at the office, that’s over.”  The company has 85 employees and a handful of employees requested to work from home after getting their new fur-baby.

So that's when the company began considering making it a formal benefit in May and then the policy became official in July.  

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