PHOTO GALLERY: Wedding Couple Pics That Reach New Heights!

Tying the knot is a major emotional high — but a series of unique cliffside wedding portraits by one New Hampshire husband-and-wife duo take it to a whole new level.

Jay and Vicki Philbrick have been in the photography business for over 15 years, and have been snapping newlyweds at great heights since 2008. And though the sky-high portrait sessions last just an hour or less, the memories will surely be cherished for a lifetime. 

The North Conway pair, who have been married for 35 years, rise before dawn to capture the one-of-a-kind images. To that end, Jay, a professional climbing guide, told Fox News Lifestyle just what the “magical” experience is really like. 

All the ropes, harnesses and anchors are hidden from view by wardrobe and camera angle. There is no Photoshop. What is seen in the photos is exactly what I see through the viewfinder in my camera. Once we are done with the photos, which is usually a half-hour to an hour or so after sunrise, we haul the couple back up to the top from the ledge and we are done.

Throughout the session, I’m going up and down the cliff in various positions, hanging off of ropes to get different shots. Marc sometimes rappels down to provide supplemental lighting if the couple is backlit by the rising sun. Vicki is usually off to the side in one of two places getting some different looks from over there. We use a variety of cameras and focal lengths to get all kinds of different looks for the couple. 

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