7 Traits Men Look For In The Woman Of Their Dreams

Relationship expert Anthony D'Ambrosio has some impressive qualifications here:  a published writer featured in Huffington Post, Elite Daily, RedBook Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, Daily Mail U.K., and USA Today. Check out what he says about "playing hard to get." 

As a man, committing to "the one" is among the most important decisions we make in life; some may even argue it is the most important.  But, what does the right woman look like in our eyes? Here's my Top 7: 

1. Character

We want people who put as much time and energy into ensuring they look good as they do into being genuine and real. You know “that girl” you are around your girlfriends?  That’s who you really are. Don’t be so hesitant to be that way with us.

2. Respect

Everyone in both genders is looking for it, but especially men.  They just may not express that as often as women.  The truth is, you cannot respect a man if you don’t respect yourself.  It’s not a knock, but seriously, how would that be possible?

3. Affection

Men are very physical human beings. Everything for us elevates with touch. By nature, we’re drawn to it.  It goes without saying that a woman who is very free with her offerings of affection will entice us. It’s very warm and welcoming to a man.  Just like you, we want a woman to reach out and grab our hand; we want for you to come over and kiss us randomly.

4. Intelligence

They think critically and engage our senses. The decisions we face in life can often present us with uncertainty and having someone insightful by our side can help us make the right ones. This doesn’t require a college degree; just intellect, reasoning and understanding.

5. Confidence

A woman who loves herself, regardless of her own flaws, will love a man for all of his. Beyond loving you, she will knock down the doors of resistance and reach for the stars with you. There’s something sexy about a confident woman, and it has nothing to do with looks. To be truthful, we don’t notice every one of your flaws.  We aren’t analyzing every inch of your body to find perfection. That doesn’t exist, and we aren’t looking for it.

6. Ambition

Men love to be caretakers and “planners” for our families, but we also love a woman who can plan that life with us. We don’t want to have to make every decision alone. We need a visionary, one who can see beyond today. Determined women are more committed, simply due to the fact that they have laser focus.

7. Humility

Humble women exude this compassion for others, putting others’ happiness before their own. But, they do this in such a way that brings them peace and protection.  I think we understand the whole “let’s play hard to get” mentality, but tell me how wasting all of that energy really serves you well? It doesn’t. If we decide to tell you how we feel about you, or even tell you how beautiful we think you are, don’t look at us as if we have 10 heads.


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