Have You Been Tricked By THIS Annoying Prank In Airports?

OK, it's at least a 10 hour day of traveling through airports, and you see your cell phone battery is now below 20%. You are panicking, since you have exactly one hour to kill between flights ... But WAIT!!! There's an available outlet right there!!  (Heavenly choir sings "AHHH!) Oops, they gotcha.   Pranksters have placed realistic looking stickers of outlets all over terminals in places that look like there SHOULD be an outlet.

Some outraged travelers on Twitter have been snapping photos (now with only 19% battery life left!) of the obnoxious prank that has been hitting airports like LAX and St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Nothing reported so far at BTR, or New Orleans International, but it's early yet. 


I think I might be a little suspicious with this one....



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