The Property Brothers Dish On Renovation: "We Walked Out"

Beverly Hills, CA-HGTV stars Drew and Johnathan Scott are known for their cool, collected demeanors when they deal with clients and couples on their hit show “Property Brothers.”

The stars spoke at the Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour on Thursday at The Beverly Hilton and dished about the lone instance when they had to kick a client to the curb because he wouldn’t heed their advice.

“We had to cancel on the home-owner," said Johnathan Scott. “It was a firefighter and I remember all of his firefighter buddies were going to come and help and we were thinking this is going to be the sexiest episode ever."

Johnathan’s twin brother and business partner Drew chimed in with the details of the difficult situation about the house-hunt that led to their departure from the episode.

“He had a good personality, but we were house-hunting and there was this one house that he really wanted to look at and it was in a neighborhood that was an old landfill,” the realtor explained. “They didn’t properly prep the soil before building, so all the houses in the neighborhood were literally sinking. And inside of the house, in the front of the living room it was one height, and in the back of the living room, it was completely sunken."

“It was completely illegal,” Johnathan added.

Drew noted: “He wanted Johnathan to completely cheap out and just level the floor and don’t worry about the structure, so the back of the room had about a 4-and-a-half-foot ceiling and the front was a regular height.

“So, we had already filmed the bio and the house-hunt and we found out that’s the house he wanted, and we said, we’ll we’re not going to do the renovation on it, so we ended up walking away – and unfortunately, he ended up buying the house.”

Jonathan concluded: "That's the only one we've ever had to walk away from." 

CREDIT: Fox News

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