15 Symptoms Of PARENT BRAIN: Incurable; Yet FUNNY!

As we age, all adults experience some of these. But for parents specifically, there are some unique signs that the brain can suffer in different ways. Allow me to elaborate: 

1. Your mental checklist when leaving the house actually has 'pants' on it. Pants? Check.

2. You find yourself singing along to songs you don’t even like.

3. You walk into the kitchen, and forget why you’re there.  I know that happens a lot to most people. However, PARENT BRAIN sufferers will take that a step further and open all the cabinets, and HOPE that the short term memory loss will corrected by seeing all possible options in front of them.  

4. When you hear your teen-aged driver pull up in the driveway, you whisper to yourself, “please don’t hit the house; please don’t hit the house!”

5. You’ve come to the conclusion that your meds are NOT working. Clearly.

6. You finally sit down to relax and watch a little TV, and become frustrated that your remote is not functioning, then-after repeatedly hitting the buttons, realize it was your phone.

7. AFTER the remote episode mentioned above, you call your best friend to tell the funny story, then panic sets in as you’re talking and you say, “WAIT, WHERE IS MY PHONE?”

8. When You Hear “Mom?” or “Dad?” You’ve already made a decision to say “no” even BEFORE you hear the request.

9. The reason why you can’t remember where you parked is because you were chasing a toddler running for freedom.  So intense was that episode for one parent, they spent 30 minutes wandering the wrong parking garage. And then there was the case of another mom who was looking for HER car when she had borrowed her husband’s car.

10. You become very upset that your child got a "B" on a project where YOU did most of the work! (REALLY? What do THEY know?)

11. You try to use your electronic work badge to open the front door on your house. (Swiping that badge across the door knob doesn’t work too well.)

12. You spend 10 minutes trying to figure out why the Crock-Pot wouldn't turn on, only to realize it’s not plugged in.

13. When you let out some gas in public, you immediately blame your young children by calling out their name. (i.e like “JOHNNY!”)

14. You have brain recall hesitation when someone asks you the age of your child/and or children. Then you justify the brain cell damage with denial to yourself...(C'mon it's a moving target; don't they understand that?)

15. You notice you had two different shoes on until the end of the day when one of your kids pointed it out. "Oh, I meant to do it that way!" Right. 

I just discovered there may be more things to look for with this mental state. What symptoms do YOU have?? Feel free to list in the comment section below! 

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