The BEST Dating Day Of The WHOLE YEAR Is Coming Up FAST!

Looking for summer love, get ready! According to the best dating day of the year is this coming Monday, July 8th.

"We're predicting this Monday to be bigger and busier than even Valentine's Day this year," Hasem Hosseini, CEO of Match, told "Good Morning America."

Love guru Bela Gandhi who founded "Smart Dating Academy," a company that helps clients become better daters, said "Approximately 4 out of 5 of her clients get married to partners they meet using online dating." You can be successful playing the online dating game if you've got patience, positivity and perseverance, she added.

Gandhi shared her best tips on how to make your online dating profile really stand out.

1. Use 5 to 6 photos2. Pick your perfect headshot3. Include a full body shot4. Use current photos5. Use photos of you6. Be positive in your profile7. Stick to only 1 or 2 sites or apps8. Be patient9. Fill everything in, except how much money you make10. Chat on the phone before you go out

Need more dating tips or don't know all the current dating lingo? Check out the video below from Good Morning America:

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