The 4th Is On A WEDNESDAY-So What DOES That Mean To Us?

What happens when July 4th is on a Wednesday?

We know what your biggest concern is: Does this threaten your long weekend? Here’s everything you need to know about what happens when July 4th is on a Wednesday — which thankfully only happens every 5 years. (Next year’s Independence Day will fall on a Thursday — we know, equally annoying — and 2020’s celebration will happen on a Saturday.)

We’ll get the bad news over with first before moving on to the silver lining: No, you’re not automatically going to get a long weekend with a midweek July 4th on the calendar. Yes, you’ll get the actual day, Wednesday, July 4th, off of work — but if you want a long weekend like you enjoy on other years, you’re going to have to burn through some vacation days to get it.

The actual holiday doesn’t change. You’ll get Wednesday off of work and parades as well as fireworks displays will happen that day. The cookouts with your friends are probably the biggest thing in question other than your travel plans. 

CREDIT: Linnea

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