AWESOME Hero Dog Helps To Save Missing 3 Year Old Girl!

A three-year-old girl spent the night in a cornfield with her Yorkshire Terrier at her side in Missouri after wandering away from her home in the early evening. Her mother, Timber Merritt, tried to find her daughter Remy on her own, thinking she had not gotten too far.

After she failed to locate Remy, Timber called 911 and family and friends to help with the search. “It went from five people to about 75 to 100 people out here by the time we were done,” Merritt said.

Unfortunately, even with the large search party, they were unable to locate the young girl in the cornfield and the sheriff's office decided to call off the search until morning.  The following morning, the search party resumed this time with the help of dogs. As the search began the dogs started barking and rescuers could hear a second dog barking in return.

 Merritt’s brother, Quinlin followed the barking until he came across Remy sleeping on a pile of broken corn talks and her faithful dog Fat Heath sitting at her side. The young girl managed to wander about half of a mile from her home.  Timber said that Remy "wasn’t scared because Fat Heath was there. If he wasn’t I think she would’ve been terrified."

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