WATCH The City Of Central's NEW Singing Pizza Delivery Guy!

WBRZ - A pizza delivery guy is capturing the hearts of thousands in the City of Central. Taye Williams delivers pizza throughout the week, but he brings more than just pizzas and your favorite toppings- his delivery comes with a song.

Williams favorite music artist is Taylor Swift, and Thursday night during one of his deliveries he sung one of Swift's hits to the Garrison family. They recorded his entire performance on their cell phone and posted it on Facebook. "He was singing and dancing and they said he got on his knees. My husband said you better come out her and see this. So I came out, and he said you may want to start filming," Kristie Garrison said.

Williams has only been on the job at Papa John's for two weeks, but his energetic spirit is bringing joy to people all over the area. He says he's always happy and simply enjoys his job and interacting with people.

"I play a lot of music, and when I get out I start singing as I'm walking up to the door. And they happened to just be standing at the driveway and I just rolled down the window and just started singing to them," said Williams.

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