NEW List: FIFTY Things You'll Never Hear In Baton Rouge!

A few months back, we started with a list of 25, and NOW the list has DOUBLED! Take a quick scan of who we are. RIGHT?? RIGHT? 

1. Nick Saban is the greatest coach EVER.

2. No, I haven't purchased anything at Walmart this week.

3. You can't eat that.

4. I'm really not interested in getting all up in your business; asking where you and your family are from, and who you know.

5. I really hate crawfish.

6. I never have to go to Houston. Ever.

7. I think we need to have more wind turbines for electricity.

8. Cement trucks are always the slowest vehicles on the road.

9. I get ALL of my news from the New York Times.

10. How 'bout dem Cowboys?

11. SO thankful for those orange cones and construction sticks to keep us safe!

12. Sorry, you can't take any of the left-over food home with you.

13. A BEACH vacation to Destin?? Are you CRAZY?

14. (Truck people) Next time, I want to buy a hybrid car.

15. (Non-Truck people) No, I don't need to borrow your truck.

16. (Women) I NEVER wear makeup. EWW!

17. (Men) I don’t think women should ever wear make-up.

18. It's a dry heat.

19. I can't wait until winter comes when all the mosquitoes disappear.

20. Mardi Gras in Alexandria is the BEST!

21. I always go “hands-free” when I’m using my phone.

22. I just love the Atlanta Falcons.

23. BEER at my tailgate? I don't think so!

24. Dang, there are NO good looking girls in this town.

25. DREW BREES?? Never heard of him.

26. I love to eat Campbell’s Soup Gumbo.

27. I ALWAYS go the speed limit.

28. LSU lost? Oh well, it’s only a game. 

29. I’m having trouble finding an injury attorney.

30. That’s OK, you can give your LSU season tickets to someone else.

31.  I always wear a suit to the office.

32. Cane’s Sauce? What’s THAT?

33. Our jambalaya tastes just like the kind they serve in Dallas.

34. Do you have unsweet tea?

35. Hey you guys.

36. I wish we had more churches to choose from.

37. Take the 1-10 FREEWAY.

38. My son is looking forward to his first semester at Ole Miss.

39. I can’t say I’ve met anyone who’s worked offshore.

40. It’s not the “New Bridge.” It’s the Horace Wilkinson Bridge.

41. I don’t even know one Republican in Baton Rouge.

42. Texas drivers are the most courteous and cautious drivers EVER.

43. In BR, everyone signals before changing lanes.

44. It doesn’t matter that you win or lose; it’s how you play the game.

45. I’m watching my carbs.

46. I don’t want to talk to anyone at work. I just want to do my job.

47. Bama fans are the BEST fans in the SEC!

48. I want to buy a small economy truck.

49. You’re not from around here, are you?

50. If they’re doing it in New Orleans, we need to do that too!


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