For Real: Would You Buy The All New Walmart Wine Line?

(FOX NEWS) Walmart is looking to to tap into the nation’s $62 billion wine market with the debut of its own wine label — although it's not exactly the cheapest wine line from a national retailer.

On June 6, Walmart announced the expansion of its Winemakers Selection brand, which has been available in 1,100 select locations for the last month. Sourced from California, France and Italy, the vino retails for around $11 a bottle, and the line will feature ten “distinctive labels,” USA Today reports.

The price tag, while affordable, still isn't quite as affordable as signature wine offerings from Target, Trader Joe's or Aldi. Target, for instance, introduced a line of wine for just $5 a bottle in 2017; many of Trader Joe's wines, specifically its Charles Shaw wines, can be purchased for under $10 per bottle, with some varieties costing much less depending on where it is sold. Just  one year ago, a variety of rose sold at Aldi for $8 was named one of the best wines in the world. (Asada, a British supermarket owned by Walmart, also won an award for its $6 wine at the 2016 Decanter Magazine World Wine Awards.)

However, Nichole Simpson, Walmart’s senior wine buyer, explained that the Winemakers Selection products will “drink like a $30 to $40 bottle of wine.”

SOURCE: FOX NEWS-Click here for more

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