FLIRTING Ain't WORKING? Might Be Because Of These 10 Things

1. Snot? Not! Any dangling dried substances that originate from the nose are just too hard to ignore. Perhaps they are intolerant, but they just can't. (Also, keep the "laugh snorts" down to a minimum.)

2. Improper use of basic grammar. They ain't really feelin' that. 

3. Facebook Stalking. Checking them out is one thing. But, when a flirtation moves to excessive use of comments or likes on their posts’ it’s just too creepy for them to stick around.

4. The offering of illegal substances.  They probably don't take drugs from strangers and they won’t date strangers who offer drugs.

5. Inappropriate touching.  A graze of the arm or a hand on my back are fabulous flirting techniques. A squeezing of the inner thigh or a unexpected smack on the rear end are not.

6. Mentioning your girlfriend or boyfriend.  Wait, what? You have found someone special, but you've been flirting with another for the last hour? Really?

7. Expelling digestive gas.  At either end.  PLEASE wait until you’ve gone on a few dates before YOU CLEAR THE AIR!   

8. Barnyard eating.  If you can try not to look like a wild animal when you're eating -- even if it's something messy like wings – it would be greatly appreciated.

9. Excessive phone checking.  If it is a nervous habit, seek help. If not, then you may need to go flirt with another person.

10. Inappropriate jokes.  Especially ones involving degradation of stereotypes and racial epithets. C-YA!

And a bonus item

NO FIGHTING:  Over religion or politics...or ANYTHING, even if they hit your hot button. If you can't agree to disagree after you first meet, you both may need to schedule time with someone else.

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