PICS! Dog Becomes A Single Dad To 9 Orphan Baby Ducks!

Fred, a yellow Labrador from Mountfitchet Castle near Stansted, Essex is now a single father to these adorable nine baby ducks!  He is 10 years old, and adopted the ducks after their mother went missing just last week.

The staff knew the mother duck was nesting and then, suddenly, these ducklings appeared but momma duck was nowhere to be seen.  They also mentioned that the ducklings follow Fred everywhere, they sleep alongside him and on top of him in his dog basket.  He has now resigned himself a being a stay-at-home dad after looking after nine baby ducklings!

Castle staff only expects Fred's "babysitting service" to last a few weeks, but they have no problem with the ducklings staying for as long as they'd like!



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