Are we drinking ourselves FAT?

There is a surprising amount of sugar in our favorite beverages and we are not talking only about alcohol. Experts recommend we should only have THREE ingredients in our smoothies. Like cappuccino? That is fine, but a caramel latte can contain five teaspoons of sugar. Other offenders include coconut water, juices and yes alcohol like wine. As healthy as we think a glass of juice is dietitians want to remind us for a typical glass of apple juice we need 4 apples to make it. Would you ever in one sitting 4 apples in a row? Of course not. Your body would be happy with one two tops. They recommend we refresh with water only and treat ourselves to the other beverages.

Coconut Water = 3 teaspoons of sugar

Fruit Juices and Smoothies= roughly 5 teaspoons of sugar

Fancy Flavored Coffees= 5 teaspoons of sugar

Wine= the calories in 6 teaspoons of sugar per glass

So how much sugar should we have in a given day? 6 teaspoons…

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