Ready To “Take Flight?” Here Are 4 Fears To Face First.

In making a big jump into something totally new, many of us face fear. Once you know that these basic fears can delay –or even stop you - from achieving what you were meant to do, you can make that bold move into your next life chapter. Many of us will talk ourselves out of it. One phrase you will find yourself saying is, “I want to think about it.” When we do that, these roadblocks of fear usually show up, and start to camp out in the brain.

  • Fear That We Will Miss The Old Way. After all, you would be leaving what you already know. Some of the “old” may have been a part of who you are for many years, and this fear is usually in the back of the mind. Those long looks around your current circumstances can become a roadblock to push through and move on. It’s where your emotions to do what you know is right is stopped because of your definition of practicality.
  • Fear-Of Our Own Self-Rejection. We may have the thought that we WILL ultimately regret the decision to spread our wings, and won’t be able to forgive ourselves for that move to step out.
  • Fear Of Rejection From Others. A blunt question to ask here is, “Are you allowing other people affect your ability to take a chance?” It’s like you can almost see them giving you strong disapproval for your decision.
  • Fear Of Money. This is especially true in starting a new business where you must leave your old job. The old gig offered stability and a regular paycheck. Will you have what it takes to be successful beyond what you were so used to? This also has applications in investments. Will this be a money-maker, or will it go bust? Then there is this - getting out of debt using debt counselors; or even filing bankruptcy can be such an embedded embarrassment, you might be tempted to stay in a situation where financial debt stress is eating away at you.

How to push through: Project forward in the winter of your life, and ask “will I regret knowing I should have taken a chance, but didn’t?” Give yourself permission to know NOW – that you DO have the ability to do that thing.

Contributions from Michelle Bersell, who is a psychotherapist, author, and noted speaker. Her goal is to lead people out of the “emotional stone ages” to how to F.E.E.L.: Feel Every Emotion as Love!

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