4 Most Effective Ways to Deal w/ Toddler Tantrums

The 4 most effective ways to deal with toddlers' temper tantrums, according to science. 

Toddler tantrums become an issue when they interfere with family life and relationships. They may also leave parents distressed or unable to cope with their emotions. Scientists recommend these four steps to dramatically reduce outbreaks and the severity of tantrums. 

For starters parents need to focus on rewarding good behavior. Giving them attention when they are doing good things. 

Second they need to be positively acknowledge when they are completing positive tasks even if it is related to a punishment, like putting their toys away.

Respond immediately, to misbehavior, with a calm and clear instruction that direct the child as to what they should be doing instead.

Give immediate response to escalations with a consequence, such as a brief time-out or quiet time. Then follow through.

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