NEW Photo Gallery AFTER Idol: LP's Laine Hardy Looking Good!



Laine Hardy CONTINUES to impress, even AFTER his American Idol run. He's got crazy good talent, and everyone in South Louisiana is still scratching their heads about our Livingston Parish star being sent home. But, Laine is not lettin' the grass grow under his feet. He is singing, and SIGNING...with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) for his PRO. A label signing cannot be far behind. Can't WAIT to see how far he takes this thing. Laine (and his mom Cindy...and sister Brittany) will keep us in the loop on what's next. 

I know from personal experience his HEART is at the core of his being. The young man with BIG voice has a soft side of kindness. He showed that to my wheelchair-bound daughter Erika. Those sweet moments are something I will NEVER forget. She won't either. 



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