Louisianians To Texans: 10 Things You Should STOP SAYING!


  • High school football is bigger and better in Texas than you are.  It really doesn’t matter how many of your high schools have All-Americans in college, we’re still the best.  Uh-huh. Just look at all those winning years in football at the University of Texas for proof, right?
  • Even the biggest cities like to add “Texas” to the end of their city. If we're from “Big D” we will tell you we’re “from Dallas, TEXAS.” Same for H-town and San Antonio. We already passed that part of our geography lesson. 
  • Texas is LOT bigger than YOU are. Believe me, we get the message as soon as we cross the Sabine River on I-10, and the first mileage sign reminds us that El Paso is 854 miles away. Got it. We’re just going to Houston.
  • At least half of us have “Native Texan” bumper stickers on our "Texas Edition" Silverado trucks. Is that really necessary? 
  • Only TEXAS Chili is REAL Chili. So don't even THINK about saying you make awesome chili. You are from outside. Does it count even if many of our cooks have won national chili championships (with many wins over Texas cooks)? I guess not. 
  • We have specific criterion about what qualifies as “barbeque.” What y’all do is just throw stuff on the grill an hour or so before it’s eaten.  We go before dawn. OK. That’s the way WE roll with gumbo, so y'all can stop opening up Campbells’ “Gumbo” cans.
  • We are NOT from the South. You are. We are Texas. That’s a LONE STAR on our flag. So we mean it when we tell you, “Texas-It’s like a whole other country.” OK then, if you're NOT from the South, you can stop saying things like 'y'all,' and 'yes sir' and 'yes ma'am.'
  • Chuck Norris is the best Texas actor EVER! We know you love show "Walker-Texas Ranger." But here's a newsflash-Chuck Norris was born in OKLAHOMA; then lived in Kansas and California. Not Texas.
  • Our slogan on the welcome signs say, “Drive Friendly, the Texas Way.” Really? What about that dude who fills up our rear view mirrors with his front license plate, wanting us to either get out of the way, or go at least 20 miles an hour over the speed limit.
  • We will KEEP making our point in an argument, no matter how long it takes. That is, until we wear you down and have you either agree OR admit you were wrong. Or BOTH. You may be right there. I mean, people in South Louisiana may argue over stuff for 10 minutes, and then be friends again.



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