Cellphone Overuse Increases Loneliness & Anxiety

In new study, researchers found those with a higher smartphone use had higher levels of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. They also became concerned that smartphone overuse showed some similarities to substance abuse in that it was changing neurological connections in the brain. 

The absence of face-to-face interactions is what is being attributed to the feelings of loneliness. We are a social creature by design. 

The constant attempts to multi task while on the phone is what is causing the anxiety. Our minds need time to relax and focus on one thing. 

The worse part of it is how our attention, always being on high alert to the potential “danger’ of not catching every text, message, or call, is what is triggering pathways in the brain to augment. It is on a slightly less drastic way than what happens when addictive drugs are in our bodies but the risk is still there.

So how long could you go without your phone? The top 10% of users checked their phones more than 60 times a day.

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