5 Buying Healthy Food Tips that Our Wallets Like

How to buy healthy food without breaking the bank!

We don’t have to sacrifice our health to be able to afford good for us food. The experts have weighed in with some budget saving tips:

  • Give up the bottled water. For starters we have some of the best water in the country. A refillable drinking bottle is all you need. But if that is not enough for you, investing in a water filter treatment system will still save you money in the long run.
  • Skip the name brands. Odds are the only people who will notice the difference between the name brand and the store brand food item is the person who opens the can and sees the label. Otherwise that money adds up.
  • Stop buying out of season. Fruits and vegetables have seasons that they naturally are harvested. Apples, Avocados and the like are not naturally available year round.  Take strawberries, to get the best flavor you wait for “Louisiana Strawberry” season. If you must buy a fruit out of season check in the freezer section first.
  • Step away from convenience snacks. Those quick items to munch on that you pick-up at a convenience store are loaded with 3 times the amount of calories you would get in a normal snack and cost nearly as much too. Plan ahead.
  • Don’t shop hungry. An oldie but a goody… studies have shown we spend more money buying things we don’t really need or want. (Margie’s note: Don’t shop when your kids are hungry either! Also whenever possible shop with a list.)


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