Some 'First Kiss' Help For National Kissing Day Tomorrow!

Don’t panic. If they really like you, the body language of the other person will tell you it’s OK to slowly proceed to the lips. If you lean in a little, and THEY lean in a little as you do, you don’t have to ask “is it OK if I kiss you?” For guys (especially), those words could be a moment killer.  Just go for it, but DON'T perform a tonsillectomy with your tongue in the process. Start soft, and slow, and wait for her to respond the way SHE likes to.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Chances are the other person may be feeling THEY are not doing it right either.  Just forget fear, and be in the moment of expressing your attraction.  The reality is that there are very few "perfect" first kisses. Besides, if everything was fundamentally sound with perfect technique, that kiss could wind up feeling mechanical and lacking emotion.  

Don’t open your eyes. THEY may check to see if you have yours open. Eye contact during a kiss can be a bit embarrassing, so no peeking! 

Don’t be embarrassed if something goes a bit awkward. Bumping noses, for example, happens in almost 1/3 of the 1st kiss cases.  Maybe you fear you might have a little garlic breath after dinner, and there are no Altoids around.  Maybe some teens in a passing car yell out “YEAH baby!" Have a laugh together, then continue if the circumstances are right. Those light moments of fun humor that can make memories for years to come.

Don’t feel like you’ve failed if it doesn’t “feel right.”  If they are attracted to you, there is a much better than average chance the other person is actually enjoying the moment.  If they really care, they’re just happy (and perhaps relieved) with the fact you are expressing more than just a friendship connection.

Don’t judge if there is some disappointment. A majority of singles make decisions about the future of a potential relationship is based on the first kiss. (Or at least that’s what research shows from singles.)  DON’T BE THOSE PEOPLE. Be the ones who understand the attraction to the PERSON is more important that any physical expressions of romance.  If you feel there’s a real chance for a future, remember-over time- they can be TAUGHT. 

OK, you're ready..PUCKER UP BUTTERCUP!

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