Celebrity Cosmetics that are Actually Worth It!

Seems like daily another celebrity announces a new cosmetic line but is it worth the bigger bucks? According to the experts:

Rihanna’s Fenty--Match Stix highlighter, well worth the $25 it will cost you. Stunna lip paint, is also consider well worth its $24 price tag, as it last for hours.

Jessica Alba’s Honest BeautyEverything Organic Facial Oil is loaded with good stuff and none of the bad stuff. It’s pricey as a small bottle is $55. (Margie’s note: Cold Pressed Olive Oil is WAAAAY cheaper!)

Drew Barrymore’s Flower—has a more affordable product that is multi useful too! Flower Beauty Lip And Cheek Chubby can added color to your checks and lips and tucks easily into your purse. What’s more, its only prices at $7.70.

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