What dermatologist won’t put on their skin

What dermatologist won’t put on their skin…

We think we are doing our best by our skin but as it turns out we could be doing the exact opposite. Four dermatologist have weighed in on what they avoid doing to their skin to keep it healthy.

  • Spray-On and Chemical Sunscreens…Convenient yes but they don’t provide thick enough cover and/or they can irritate our skin. They stick with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Much gentle and better protection.
  • Toner…Shocker as this is what we have been told to do forever. However, unless your skin is very oily, these alcohol based products, only dry out our skin.  
  • Exfoliating Scrubs…Another one we thought was so good for our skin is actually pretty bad. Weather its walnut shells or a scrubbing brush the dermatologist avoid the mechanical exfoliates. These “scrubs” are too abrasive. They recommend chemical exfoliates like retinols.  


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