The One MAIN Thing Keeping Him Away AFTER The 1st Date

So, here’s what happened…you had an amazing time on your first date with him. You felt the connection and you thought HE did too. He told you (seemingly enthusiast) he would call you. But never did.  What happened? This one thing is the lead cause--NEEDINESS

But WAIT, you might say, “I am NOT needy!!”  Well, take a look at what James Scott has written from a man’s point of view.  

Are you are asking him lots of questions left, right, and center?

  • How long have you been single?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • Do you have any siblings?

The list goes on.  Then the meeting comes to an end, he takes your phone number, and promises to call you.  You go back home…filled with excitement.  You call your best friend & tell her about this handsome dreamboat you went out with, explain how exciting it was and how much fun you had, and all the other good stuff.  Everyone is all chirped up and happy.

And then the waiting game starts…

You wait for his call. You check your phone a million times a day.  You get super excited every time you see a call from an unknown number…Only to be disappointed when you answer it,'s not him. And you wait and wait and WAIT – He never called and probably never will.

Confused, you call up your good old best friend again and discuss the possible reasons why he didn’t call.  After a long heart to heart call, you agree that he was just another jerk. And this is where the story ends.

Here Is The Reality.

If a man didn’t call you after a date, even when he promised he would, then this may mean that - in his mind - you are overly needy.  And neediness kills attraction.

When you like a guy your normal desire is to get that guy to like you back.  For many women, this means doing everything you can to accomplish that.

THEN, it happens...

You STOP Being Your Best Self and Start Doing Things – Just to Impress the Guy.

Guys see through this.  They can sense it: A guy can sense when you like him – BUT, he can easily see when you are trying TOO hard to impress him.

This is the thought process progression as men see it:

“Oh she likes me…Interesting!”

“She’s asking too many questions…I guess she totally digs me.”

“She is getting weird now…Too many personal questions.”

And it goes downhill from there. 

In order to accomplish NON-neediness, you should understand two very important things:

  • You have to convey to him that you like him, BUT that doesn’t mean you will make extra attempts to impress him to gain his acceptance.
  • Be yourself--DON'T turn into a person you think HE wants. When you make changes in your personality just to impress him or gain his acceptance, he can easily sense that, and will more than likely run away. Read more here:  AUTHOR James Scott-ZIPZAPINSIGHTS.COM 

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