Germs are all over our tech gadgets

Our most beloved tech gadgets, need to be cleaned but how?

There are hidden on your mouse and nestled in your phone more than 10 million bacteria - 400 times more than on the average toilet seat. Gross as that maybe typical clean of these gadgets could render them germ free and completely useless. The experts at Good Housekeeping have taken on the challenge and here is what they recommend:

Cell Phones: use a dry microfiber cloth to remove and retain the dirt, using it in a circular motion to avoid scratches.

Ear Buds: Remove the covers to clean them separately and dry completely before returning. Or if there aren't any, check the metal grilles on the earpieces. Use a soft, dry toothbrush to dislodge any dirt.

Laptops: a microfiber cloth makes for the perfect way to gently clean the laptop casing. To get the tricky-to-reach crumbs between keys, try using a can of compressed air that will blow out the debris without damaging the device.

Fitness Trackers: a wipe with a damp cloth, avoiding the face or tracking element if it is not waterproof. If you've got a buckle with a stem, it's worth dipping a cotton bud in warm soapy water to clean the holes the stem slots into.

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