Here's A Side Of Laine Hardy You Did NOT See On Idol!

All of us in South Louisiana are expressing disappointment with Livingston's Laine Hardy being sent home from American Idol last night. I was especially disappointed, and it wasn't just about the lesser music talent from some of the other contestants that DID go through to the Top 24.  The Idol cameras only showed one side of the story. The "rest of the story" includes a gift of incredible talent, AND something greater.

Laine stopped by for a visit here at the station last week, he did an on-air mini-acoustic set that covered Elvis, Bill Withers and the Band of Heathens song "Hurricane" (the first song we heard in his opening American Idol audition). I have included the podcast recording from last week down at the bottom of this blog. You can hear his amazing powerful voice that goes well beyond his 17 year-old boy-next-door appearance.  But, there's more you should know...

On Thursday, I saw an awesome display of a young man with an amazing heart. My "Bonus" daughter Erika (I do not use "step-daughter" term) has been in a wheelchair since 1999, and Laine went out of his way to pay some special attention to her. My wife and I were very moved. It was a side of Laine that we didn't see on TV. But, it's a snapshot of his character gentle spirit, that just so happens to be accompanied by undeniable musical talent. I don't care what the judges said. He gets my vote. And Erika's. 


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