The 5 surprisingly dirty things in our homes!

We liked to think our homes are super clean but are they really? There are some surprising microbial hideouts in our homes. While the TV remote and its home for germs has been grossing us out for a while here are a few others to creep out about. 

The dishwasher-Here it is an extreme cleaning environment but it is because of that extreme various bacteria and fungi have grown strong and are most common along the rubber seals of dish washers.

Bath toys—Saw mildew inside one of my kids’ rubber duckies and ever since then my kids played with soap shaped creatures in the tub. Experts suggest if you aren’t prepared to frequently toss your child’s tub toys, try making sure they get completely dry and remain that way as soon after bath time as possible.

Tooth brush holder--They are really gross. Sure we replace our tooth brushes frequently (every 3-4 months) but how thoroughly do we clean the holders? Should be done at least weekly if not daily.

Lamps and Light Switches—These come in right behind remote controls but those you had probably guessed. A microfiber cloth and cotton swab are the tools for the job.

Wallets—Sure our cellphones are disgusting but you probably guessed that one. They require the same cleaning as lamps but should be done multiple times a day. As for the wallet, the experts recommend looking into leather soaps. I’m looking into cheap washable wallets…let’s bring Velcro wallets back!

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