5 signs your relationship is just about over

When couples are close to splitting up, they begin to allow deep feelings of resentment surface. This causes them to behave in a way that signals the end of their need for the relationship is near.

  • Ignoring each other’s needs. –You hear statements like, “I’m doing this for ME” rather than for “Us”.
  • Eye rolling—It is a physical demonstration of contempt and dismissal.
  • Stop planning for the future—unconsciously, it may be that they are too focused on surviving the present to even consider the future.
  • No “Hello” or “Goodbye”—This is comes about as the couple begins to ignore one another and begins to reinforce their decision to leave.
  • They lack the energy to argue—The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Trying to create an argument to test this theory is not wise. However when a normal argument does happen and one partner has given up trying to change things is a sign they have resigned.

 No single one of these signs mean the end of a relationship is eminent but they each carry some weight. Together they most definitely indication that something is not right. Seeking a couple’s therapist is recommended.  


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