The Top 3 Arguments that Couples have Pre-wedding

Getting Married? Prepare yourself for the top 3 arguments that couples have pre-wedding! Wedding preparation can make for a very tension filled situation that is ripe for arguments. However those arguments can become building blocks for a better relationship. 

1. Parents won’t stop meddling in our wedding plans—It only becomes a problem when there is a cave in unity and the child of the meddling parent sides with their parent. Things to keep in mind, showing a bit of respect for your future in-laws could ease future relations. Not to mention whomever is paying for this grand party should have a bigger say in the plans. However, this should also be an opportunity to calmly discuss trust in your relationship.  

2. This wedding is costing an arm and a leg — and we’re already on unsure financial footing. Turn this into a couple bonding moment and work together to create a budget plan and identify what is most important to you when it comes to the wedding and future investments.

3. I’m still not over that thing we fought about years ago, and our wedding is weeks away--Tensions over unresolved issues often come to a head prior to a wedding. Feels of vulnerability can stir-up these feelings but working through them again can actually strengthen your bond

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