Three easy ways to wake up to beautiful skin

An Australian beauty company has come out with three simple things we can do at night that will slow down the ageing process on our skin. For starters, use silk pillowcases. This has been a tip of the beauty world for a while.  It is believed that cotton pillow cases create more friction resulting in sleep creases that turn into permanent wrinkles. Bonus, the silk pillowcases also don’t absorb your natural oils which is better for your skin and the silk is better for your hair too. It’s less frizzy when you sleep on a silk. Overnight creams seem like something you only see in movies but they serve a purpose. They of helping repair your skin while you sleep. Finally, GO TO BED! Your mother was right. It really is beauty sleep. Your entire body and soul are being replenished while you sleep and research has found the peak time is at 11 at night.


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