What nutritionist give their kids for snacks

Kids get home from school and they have their own version of hangry brewing. Here is what to feed them while remaining healthy and leaving room for dinner, according to nutritionist. 

Their first go to is fruit. Making sure it’s pre-cut easy finger food is key. They also suggest offering dips with fruits and veggies. Perhaps a bit of peanut butter or yogurt for fruit and hummus or dill dip for vegetables. 

One nutritionist says she varies her end of school day snacks and even has a day where they get Triscuits, cheese and berries. It’s super easy to get ready and satisfying for the kids.  

On days they go from school to wherever and car food is necessary, nuts, cheese sticks, and homemade smoothies top the list. The snacks by the numbers: they should be no more than 200 calories and have at least 2 grams of fiber. Ideally they should contain at least 2 food groups too.

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