Bedtime mistakes that may cause us to gain weight!

You're eating well and exercising and not seeing the results you want, your night time routine could be to blame. 

1. Are you getting enough sleep? This is the most obvious detriment to our health. Sleep is an important recovery tool. Target time is 8 hours.

2. Skipping dinner—eating right before you go to bed is not ideal but skipping an energy intake all together can lead to over eating the next day.

3. Drinking right before bed—Sure a glass of wine will help you fall asleep but alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle. Alcohol is a diuretic that will wake you to take care of the matter not to mention there are a lot of calories in it.

4. Working out too close to bed time—Working out at the end of the day is a great way to relieve stress but too close to bed time and you could be raising your adrenaline to the point where it is hard to fall asleep.

5. Using technology—This is been studied a lot and the unnatural light source makes it difficult for our brains to shut off. Sleep is imperative to our health.      

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