6 Ways to Ease Stress

Experts caution that stress is a killer, it may not necessarily be a fast one, but it is contributing to our health in a bad way. The presence of stress in our bodies may account for chronic muscle pain, headaches, digestion problems, and even more serious problems, like depression and heart disease. The top 6 things we need to do to handle the stress in our lives…

  • Exercise--it doesn’t just burn off calories but the stress hormones too.
  • Watch the beverages—Both caffeine and alcohol can make you feel more anxious.  
  • Listen to Music—Music truly soothes us and lowers our blood pressure.
  • Mindfulness—Try an app if you need help on clearing your head space.
  • Take a walk OUTSIDE—nature can improve a bad mood. 
  •  Be Thankful—gratitude isn’t just given, it is felt and can improve a bad mood.


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