10 tweaks to help you lose 10 lbs

Dietitian, Susie Burrell, has come up with 10 simple rules to help us lose the last 10 lbs. The 5 in bold are my idea of a shortcut...

The ten tweaks to help you lose 10lbs 

1. Make breakfast your largest meal and incorporate lots of protein into it.

2. Drink a green tea after each meal and watch pay attention to your added liquid calories.

3. Include plenty of vegetables in all your meals.

4. Go alcohol-free at least five days of the week.

5. Get organized, plan ahead and visit the supermarket so you have healthy food in the fridge.

6. Take the edge off hunger on the way home from work with a nutritious snack.

7. Move your body for an hour each day.

8. Keep your dinner small.

9. Have a meal off your diet each week.

10. Get plenty of sleep - ideally around nine hours each night.

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