11 Things Smart Women Are DONE With This Year!

Denise Restauri is an author and featured writer writer for Forbes, and she has some common sense wisdom to consider...

Here are 11 things women on the show told me they are done with (I'm  done with them also) and not continuing them in 2018:

I’m done with thinking I’m not enough. I was at lunch with Agapi Stassinopoulos and she asked me how I was doing. I went into this litany of projects I'm working on: “I'm helping this non-profit… I'm investing in these companies.” She stopped me and said, “I asked you how you're doing, not what you're doing.” She made me realize how addicted I’ve become to achieving things and being busy. She wrote on the paper placement: “Surrender the need to do more and be more. You are enough.” —Fran Hauser, startup investor, media exec and author of the forthcoming book, The Myth of the Nice Girl

I’m done with not forgiving myself when I’m not perfect. Before I became a mom, I was very hard on myself for not answering emails, or not reading this book, or not learning this amount of songs in this amount of time. Now I forgive myself if I’m not perfect because we’re all just doing our best.— Mandy Gonzalez, actress and singer.

I’m done with feeling guilty or giving explanations for why I say “no.” I’ve realized that “no” is a full sentence and that people will have more respect for me if I say ‘no’ rather than running around trying to please everyone.—Zelda la Grange, Nelson Mandela’s private assistant for 19 years, speaker, author of Good Morning, Mr. Mandela

I'm done with sexism and I'm done with racism. I'm prepared to call it out when I see it. )There are MANY stories to be told in the #metoo movement.)  I’m not smiling through that stuff anymore. —Isabel González-Whitaker, author and former deputy editor Billboard

I’m done with giving away my power. When I was younger, I thought 'power' had a negative association. I didn't raise my hand to take credit. I felt it wasn’t right for me to want power. Now I embrace power. Power is about having a platform for a purpose. It's about using your voice to make a difference and elevating people to the best version of themselves. Power is good. Powerful people change the world.—Sherry Paul, private wealth advisor and senior portfolio manager at UBS Private Wealth Management

I’m done with negativity. What’s it going to bring you? It takes work to be positive, but it changes your demeanor… it changes the way you visualize the world. I’m also done with wasting time with people who aren’t bringing joy to my life. If I let someone in, they have to bring something to the table.—Bronwyn Cosgrave, author and producer of the soon to be released fashion documentary Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story

I’m done with saying “I’m sorry.” When I first started working with Oprah, I said “I'm sorry it won’t happen again” so many times that I got sick of hearing myself. One day I said, “I'm sorry I'm not a perfectionist” (I cringe to think that I said that). She said, “Libby, I don't expect you to be a perfectionist. I expect you to do your best.” That’s it! Just do your best.—Libby Moore, Oprah Winfrey’s chief of staff for 11 years, certified life coach, speaker, adventurer

I'm done with waiting. There’s so much at stake these days—waiting to figure out how you can participate is time lost that you'll never get back. Find a way to do something. If there’s a company you've always wanted to start, don't wait until all the stars are aligned. That doesn't mean you start it tomorrow—maybe it means that you have a Google document and you write a couple of ideas in there.—Nabiha Syed, assistant general counsel at BuzzFeed

I’m done with caring about what other people think. It goes back to my true north (what I want) vs. magnetic north (what society wants). If I optimize towards everyone else’s satisfaction, the only person who’s not going to be satisfied is me.—Carrie Hammer, entrepreneur, fashion designer

I’m done with worrying about cancer. I had my six-month mammo check-up and I continue to be cancer free. But leading up to it, I felt pain in my breast—my mind started playing tricks on me and I was so worried. When I sat in the room waiting for the radiologist to come back from reading the report, I literally was writing my eulogy. I’m done with it. I’m healthy today and that’s what matters. I can’t play that tape – it’s not good for me, my children, my community. And I played that tape alone because I didn’t want anyone to worry about me. I’m cancer free, so everything I was feeling wasn’t real. I’m done with worrying about cancer. I just want to live. So six months from now when I take my next my mammo, I’ll make sure that tape does not play in my head.—Joi Gordon, CEO Dress for Success

I’m done with being irreplaceable to the wrong people. I was working with this guy who was afraid to take paternity leave because his team would need him too much. I said, “You know who else needs you too much? Your wife and your newborn child. How can you think of these people before your biological offspring? Everybody else will be fine without you." —Bea Arthur, therapist and entrepreneur

What about you—what are you ready to dump?

CREDIT: Denise Restauri: Fortune Magazine

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