5 Signs it may be Time to Move on from Your Job

Figuring out when the time is right to start looking for a new job can be difficult. But it is important. It needs to happen before you begin to hate your place of work. Because when you hate your place of work you get tempted to do less than your best and that just makes you look bad. The experts have some clear signs:

Feeling boxed in-- You've been at your job for a while and feel ready for a promotion, but for whatever reason your boss isn't on the same page. It may be time to go somewhere fresh that doesn’t already have your abilities “fixed” in their head.

Work fills you with dread--first ask yourself if the situation is one where if you felt you any had control, or if it could be changed, you would stay. If can't be changed, for the sake of your mental health and wellbeing it's time to consider moving on.

Always feeling negative--If you're constantly finding more negatives than positives about your workplace, take this as a sign. This attitude will not only drain you of energy and enthusiasm, but it can put you at the bottom of the list of people to work with, by your co-workers.

Stopped Learning—If you no longer have the motivation to improve your skills or learn something new at work, you may well need to think about changing your situation.

Need a Divorce from Your Manager--If your relationship with your manager isn't working or isn't bringing out the best in you, then it could be time to find a better situation - with the same organization or outside.

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