For The Lonely, Brokenhearted Girl On Valentine's Day

From what I have heard from every woman who has read this Valentine's letter, it's pretty clear. Few women can reach the inner parts of another woman's soul more intensely than writer/blogger Heather Iseminger. Especially when it comes to matters of the female heart that's hurting. This is a really important woman-to-woman read everyone should see! I watch you post pictures and memes. I scroll down and stare at your hurt—my heart aching. Your desire to be loved, accepted, known sprawled on my screen with angry words and revealing poses.A longing for affection in your pleading eyes and skimpy shirts.You step up to the auctioning block with a soul dying to be loved.I want to reach through glass, put my arms around your neck, and whisper that a man-made prince will not save you.But I’m afraid that thought will shatter what’s left of your soul.And I get angry. Because I know. I’ve been there. I’ve been the one thinking I’m only worthy if some boy somewhere finds me lovely. Yeah. It may have been two decades ago. But I remember.Why do we believe we are worth diamonds only if they’re showered upon us? What makes us think a million red roses means we are valued? Cherished? What causes us to see our worth through the eyes of men only looking for one thing?

We’re broken, you and I.Broken by the society that shows us storybook weddings and happy endings without a picture of the day after. Broken by men with lust we mistake for love. Broken by the lie that we must have a partner to be important.I see it in you. I see past the haunted eyes and too-much-skin. I see the broken you, yearning to be whole. I see the one that can rise from the mire with her dignity and brilliance.I know you’re lonely. I’ve been there—the girl with no Valentine. The girl without flowers or chocolates or gifts. And it can make you feel so small. So tiny and invisible.

REMEMBER--Valentine’s Day is just a day.A day when you will put one foot in front of the other. A day when you will love on the friends close to you. A day when you can show the world your kindness, generosity, grace, and beauty. You’re not alone.You’re already worth more than all the diamonds in all the world.You’re already noticed. (EVEN IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU ARE!) More from Heather's heartCLICK HER FOR THE FULL MESSAGE


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