Make Sure Your Bedroom is Romantic Ready

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, how to make sure your bedroom is in its most romantic shape…

Relationship therapist is recommending ways we can ways we can help spice up our relationships just by taking a better look at our bedrooms. 

De-clutter-- Probably the most obvious tip but a messy confusing environment causes the stress hormone to kick in and that is not conducive for romance. 

Add pops of color--A calm neutral room is preferred for a good night’s sleep but if passion is the goal add a throw-pillow or an afghan at the foot of the bed in red.  

Ensure privacy—If you are worried about the kids waltzing in the room you won’t be able to fully enjoy the moment. A bedroom door with a secure lock is (pardon the pun) key!  Another way to ensure a sense of privacy is music. It not only sets the mood it helps block intrusive sound.

Tech interference—Once again, the bedroom is no place for the phone. Blue lights and texts aren’t  just bad for sleep.

Smell—Just as a pleasant scent can boost romance and bad one, like dirty laundry or stinky shoes, can drop the mood. The experts recommend notes of peppermint, lavender, or licorice, would be ideal.

Check your photos—While loving family photos seem innocent enough they might be better in another room. Experts caution a family portrait could have a negative impact if you are having perhaps a dispute with a sibling, while shots of parents or kids could be distracting.  

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