The key to unlocking happiness?

The Reset the Happiness Project was started by a mom of two UK native who believes she has found the key to reset our minds to step off the downward cycle and find happiness.

1. Keeping a diary is key. She adds keeping a few photos of the people you love (even those who have passed away) at the start of it is an important reminder of the positive relationships you are capable of.

2. Write down positive affirmations about yourself. Doesn’t matter how small the act of kindness you provided another, it is good thing about you.

3. Set a dream or goal. Don’t restrict yourself by thinking a dream is out of reach or good things only happen to others. Simply writing aspirations down will ensure you have a constant reminder of what you are striving for and puts you in a better mindset in the process.

4. Write down your worries. Reading them back to yourself sometimes helps you realize the worry is not as big as you think. If nothing else writing them down gives a break to your brain knowing it doesn’t have to worry about forgetting what you are worried about.

5. Find the positive from the worries and write them down. This isn’t the easiest task but our brains are designed to find the positives in even the most painful situations in our lives, if given the chance.

6. Read books. Back away from the TV and social media for a good old-fashioned book.  As it is an all-encompassing experience it helps your brain break from the depression rut it is in.   

7. Plan a weekly schedule that gives you time. Write it down. Time for exercise, meditation and seeing friends.

8. Treat your diary as a best friend, a tool to support yourself through whatever ups and downs life throws at you.

Click here to link to the Reset the Happiness Project

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