Glasses to Help Us do More than See

Re-defining “Smart Glasses” there are hi-tech versions that may soon help us to lose weight, treat vertigo and more…

Goggles that shine a bright light into the eyes are being tested, here in the US, to treat type 2 diabetes. They are based on the idea that the body clock, that controls the release of hormones, is regulated by light. These circadian rhythms can be impaired by staying indoors, working irregular hours, or a lack of sunlight in winter. The goggle glasses called, Re-Timers, are worn for an hour first thing in the morning to expose the eyes to bright light, increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar. There are other studies testing different colored lights and glasses shapes to treat everything from vertigo to pain and Parkinson. Although in Japan they are working with virtual reality glasses that make your food look twice as large as it is…Hmm, how about a salad that taste like pizza? Click here to learn more


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