The Truth About How Salty Chips Effect Us

Just in time for the big game, experts have revealed the effects salt has on our body.

Within the first 5 seconds of eating them our tongue is biologically programmed to love them; as throughout history salt was a rare nutrient to encounter.

Within the first 20 seconds the salt as soaked up the moisture in our mouths but the oil they have been cooked in has covered this effect up so we don’t realize we need to stop.

At the 30 minute mark the salt finally gets into our blood stream, raising our blood pressure, and creating a thirst to dilute it. However, the grease has struck again to suppress the hormones that let us know we are full, so we continue to eat more.

Jump ahead two hours and our heart is being over worked trying to get the excess salt out. The potato, a starch, has been broken down as a sugar and stored as fat...especially not good for diabetics. 

Six hours to a few days later, our kidneys finally have a chance to rid us of the excess. However, our blood pressure may still be elevated and there is of course all the stored fat, too. 

Experts did note that we don’t have to completely avoid the chips if we can be mindful of its effects and eat less of them.    

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