Time for a closet purge? Here is where to begin

You want to straighten out your closet but the very idea of it gives you anxiety. These tips may help. Experts from “Rent the Runway” suggest we start by isolating the things we want to keep in our closet. It should be the staples and basics. Denim, plain sweaters, T-shirts, leggings and tank tops are all items that won’t really go out of style. Basically, pieces that get layered under other things. When it comes to shoes they have a longer shelf life when they run in the basics. Black pumps last and return while platforms and formal specially died bridesmaids shoes rarely get a call back, toss them! 

What to ditch…  

The general rule of thumb: If you haven’t worn it in a year you need to get rid of it. A cool trick for knowing what this applies to is to turn all your clothes on a hanger so they hang in a way that is hard to get them off the closet rod. Then as you wear things turn the hangers around. At the end of the year what is left backwards is what needs to be removed.

Anything damaged--If you haven’t fixed it in the first month after it was damaged, odds are you will never. Donate them too as the fabric can often be recycled.

Odd Pieces—the “I only wore it a couple of times in my lifetime” pieces are just taking up space. Donate them or see if a consignment store might accept them. $

Back to the Future Clothes—These are the trendy things you think might comeback in the future. Experts note: If you are old enough to remember the trendy item in style the first time around, you are too old to wear the trend the second time around. (Bandage dress will be a long time coming back, hopefully.)

Lastly, checkout the labels on clothes; If they are designer you may be able to sell them online.

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