Good and Bad Home Remedies for Colds to Baldness

Home Remedies for the Cold to Baldness…Which ones work and which ones do more harm.

Sore throat? Gargle with warm to hot salt water! (I have used this one for years and it truly works)

Earache? Use a cotton ball to drip a little olive oil in your ear to loosen buildup in the ear.

Bug Bite?-Rub lemon or lime juice on it. They contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, making them a perfect solution for mosquito bites.

 Home Remedies that don’t work:

Sweating out a cold--contrary to everything we saw on Stranger Things-Your body will sometimes naturally up its temperature to rid itself of an illness but forcing it to heat up won’t help.

Drinking a Nightcap to Sleep—Sure a glass of wine will help you fall asleep but it will also help you to wake in the middle of the night to rehydrate and use the restroom. You also won’t sleep as deeply which means your sleep will not be as restorative. Not only that but after a few nights of this your body will build up a dangerous tolerance.

Turmeric cures baldness—While adding this spice to various dishes has some health benefits…eating it or rubbing it on your head will not make hair growth happen.

Butter on a Burn—It is far more important to cool the burn down so it stops damaging the skin. Trapping the heat in with butter could actually make things worse. (Although once the burn is completely cool applying olive oil might help reduce scaring.)


Seawater to clean a cut—Saltwater is a good thing but the sea is not solely saltwater. Seawater is highly contaminated and the risk of a flesh eating infection is far too great to ever consider this as a remedy.  

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